TEBS provides solutions to reduce the operational cost and complexity in your distribution, through autonomous cloud robots that perform demand forecasting, automated route planning, scheduling and deviation management. Pulzy Field Smart is a ready to go infrastructure to improve field force productivity of delivery agents and to modernize/UBERize last mile delivery of your business.
Pulzy - The ‘Autonomous Cloud Supply Chain Robot' captures customer demand using app, chat bot & web. Through a mobile app it also tracks the field staff and executes autonomous plans and schedules based on distance, time slot & capacity. All these without human intervention. On finding any deviations in the execution like delay in orders deliveries etc, Pulzy creates a contingency plan and broadcasts it to the management.


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    Tebs solutions is one the best solution provider for logistics & supply chain optimization, field staff management software, delivery planning,route planning, last mile solution. For more information about tebs solutions , please visit the website ; https://tebs.co.in

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